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Cognitive science analyze how brain works.  It allows more comprehension about humans perceptions and process external stimuli.  Understanding these basic principles is essential on how users perceive, process and respond to visual designs.  Each of these principles can be applied to attract attention in your communications.

Advanced AI´s analysis with results in just minutes!

Brain Pro it´s a platform that analyzes videos and images, so you can have predictive indicators based on visual patterns and observations of thousands of images and videos. You can analyze websites, gifs, static images, social media communications and more!

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Are you being noticed? It´s your communication getting some attention?

Analysis of images and videos In different advertising formats

Predictive AI Technology equivalent to 40 participants for 5 seconds Eye Tracking session

Results in minutes

Access to Consultants in Neuroscience for best results in your designs

Tech based on the brain´s visual and cognitive analysis

Predictive Indicators for decision-making

Brain Pro´s Examples

Visual Analysis

Predictive Analysis with AI equivalent at 40 participants for 5 seconds eye tracking.

Análisis visual, original Análisis visual con IA

Design Score

Design Score enables emotional aspects of your designs from an aesthetics view. 

Based on large scale studies with ratings of visual appeal collected from nearly 10,000 participants.  The computational models accurately measure perceived visual complexity and excitingness.

Attention Heatmap report

A Heat Map is a representation of data in which values are represented by colors.  Heat maps show how looking is distributed over the stimulus.  Red is equivalent at 100% of views, yellow is equivalent to 50% and green is equivalent to 25% of views. Areas without color shows that are going to be missed.

Attention Heatmap report - Original BrainPro Análisis Attention Heatmap report

Gaze Plot report

A Gaze Plot shows the predictive location, order and time spent looking at locations on the stimulus. So the primary function of the gaze plot is to reveal the time sequence of looking or expressed as fixation duration, is shown by the diameter of the fixation circles. The longer the look the larger the circle.

Perception Map (Opacity)

Is the opposite of the heat map.  The darker areas are the most unattractive and have less opportunities to be noticed.  The most transparent areas are the ones that probably attract more attention.

Mapa de Opacidad - Original BrainPro Análisis de Opacidad


AOIs:  Is and edited area where the metrics are calculated. 

Areas of Interest:  You can select areas of your designs and measure predicted probability that a person will look at some areas along with detailed diagnostics to view “why” the area is likely to get attention.


BrainPro allows you analyze videos from 5 to 100 seconds measuring indicators such as:  Attention Heatmap, Perception Map (Opacity) and Predictive Gazeplot.

Original Video
Heatmap Analysis
Análisis Opacity


It´s equivalent to Eye Tracking of 40 participants for 5 seconds with predictive AI analyzing human´s visual patterns.

BrainPro Heatmap BrainPro Heatmap Score


BrainPro Opacity Analysis BrainPro Opacity Analysis


BrainPro Gazeplot Analysis BrainPro Gazeplot Analysis


Looks familiar to you?


It´s an online platform AI based with predictive indicators about human´s visual patterns related to attention and attraction.  You can apply this to websites, billboards, packaging,  logos, videos, signage, adds and every visual stimuli.

Graphic designers, advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies, freelancers, market research companies, entrepreneurs and companies that want to optimize performance for communication and advertising.

BrainPro is based on multiple and complex algorithms and neuroscience research applied to human´s process of visual stimuli, attention, Eye Tracking, perception and cognition.

Yes, plans lasts for  12 months.  But, no worries!  We´ll remind you periodically.

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